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Friday April 29, 2016

Basic Guitar Tab Symbols

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Guitar Tab Symbols Explained


The numbers on tablature alone can’t describe the full guitar-playing techniques. Besides we have guitar tab symbols for markup different playing techniques. Symbols are wrote between the numbers on tablature notation. Quick explanation about basic symbols is listed below.

    v, ~ – vibrato – bending string up and down to create vibrating sound effect
    h – hammer on – hammering on string without picking
    p – pull off – opposite for hammering if pull a finger from the string
    b, ^, (number) – bend – bending the string to the next note (or as a number show)
    r – release bend – sometimes marked to finish bending
    / – slide up – sliding up on a string holding down the frets
    \ – slide down – sliding down on a string holding down the frets
    s – legato slide – sliding either up or down
    T – tap – extended technique for hammering strings without strumming any string
    t – right hand tapping – the same technique expanded to tap with 2 hands
    PM – palm muting – creating a muted sound by placing the picking hand across the strings while pick the strings
    x – on rhythm slash represents muted slash
    o – on rhythm slash represents single string slash

tab example

No doubt there are more tab symbols available for advanced users. But, the above is enough to define the basics.

bottom line

It`s necessary to understand basic guitar tab symbols by using guitar tablatures. Don`t worry about it. Actually, these are easy to memorize.

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